Who we are?

TOHEBA Import Export

TOHEBA is the first brand of the beauty textile industry in Turkey. We produce towels and head bands for the cosmetics and beauty companies.

Vision: Make cares easier for everyone, so you can focus on what you do best: make up, skin care and or epilation.

Mission: Produce the best product, using love and healthy solutions for the environment, for the humanity.

Cotton is always the best choice for the towel fabrics. We use %100 cotton on our products. Also we make specialized embroidery for all of our customers. We don’t have any limis for the orders. You can order only one (1) piece. But also we can product 1.000.000 piece of head bands in 60 days.

On our embroidery machines, we can make all of our products specialized for your company. We can also make new designs or catalogue for you. We use all of the embroidery technics including 3d or lace.

TOHEBA – Towels&Head Bands for easier care.