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What’s waiting Beauty Industry after coronavirus?

We all know that we’re fighting with a huge problem, coronavirus. A lot of people who live in developed countries, especially on Europe, died, also most of the other people can’t do their jobs because of the coronavirus preventions. One of the most affected industries from this situation is beauty and cosmetic industry. Hairdressers and beauty saloons or epilation centers are closed since 2 months all over the world. So, How will the new situation occur after the pandemic ends? What awaits this industry?

It should not be difficult to predict in the coming period. Those who survived this period with the least amount of loss will naturally be in an advantageous position. But it is not known whether this alone will be enough. Since the beginning of this process, we can see much better days, especially for those who choose to strengthen their bond with customers through the use of social media. If people did not visit you while spending at least 3-4 hours at home on social media, you have to ask yourself. But if they saw you at least 1 time, or if they joined a live broadcast on Instagram or commented on the videos you shot, this may be the message of what awaits you, much better days than before. If it is thought that this process will be extended, it will be more reasonable to take our precautions in the future.

There is another important point for you to intervene in the long queues that will occur in your shop on time. And that is “supply”. It should not be forgotten that currently millions of people are waiting in their homes without shaving or removing their hair, or skin care or epilation. If you can’t answer this huge demand because of the finished creams, towels or head bands, your client will run to another saloon. Because, be sure that the other saloon or hairdresser will have a good stock and supply. Don’t forget that!

As, we can supply towels and hair bands to your customers on time with our TOHEBA brand that we developed especially for the European market. We especially point out the importance of acting early in this process and suggest that they complete them if they are missing things. With our campaigns and fast delivery understanding, we always want to know that we are with our customers.

Please do not forget that these difficult days will pass and much better days are waiting for us.

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